Upcoming Litter#2...Kenney's Aces Wild by Skyview High Altitude, $800...September 9th

Upcoming Litter#1...Kenney's Aces Wild by Skyview Gemstone, $800...August 30th

10 month old, male $600

Skyview Dark Knight...He will make a great companion as well as closer working hunting dog.  I have introduced him to pigeons.  I would like to see more run out of him and he has been flagging his tail on point so I have decided to sell him.  Both may improve with more confidence and time.  Offered at the puppy price I paid for him for quick sale.  Let me know if you have any questions.  His sire is a brother to my CH Skydancer Skyview Ace and his mother is Grid Iron bred.




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How big are your dogs?
Our females average about 42 pounds and males about 50 pounds.

Do your dogs retrieve?
Some are natural retrievers but it’s not something that will determine our breeding plans since dogs can be trained to retrieve in addition to our dual purpose field trialing competition.

Do your dogs make good house pets?
Yes! Most of the puppies and dogs we sell live in the house with their owners.

How far do your dogs range when hunting?
Our dogs adjust their range to the terrain being hunted. They might range 300 yards in the open but will settle in and range only 100 yards or so in heavy, dense terrain. Our dogs want to handle for the owner and have a forward pattern.

Can I visit the kennel to see puppies from my litter?
Due to health considerations for both puppies and adult dogs, puppy buyers can visit the kennel after their chosen litter is six weeks old. Please see Contact Us for further information.